New Lamps and Lighting

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Our new rechargeable lights are simple and elegant, functional and stylish; a statement piece of sculptural art, with a solution to solve your lighting problems. Discover our new lighting collection now to something to help light up your home (and life).

Smart Baton Light

The Smart Baton Light is a sleek, modern, compactly designed object for every day lighting. Made with a real wood magnetised base and baton with frosted acrylic glass, it can be positioned anywhere you desire without any wiring; as a wall light, travel light or even as a bedside table light. Absolutely PERFECT for boats.

The Octagon One Portable Desk Light

The Octagon One Portable Desk Light combines the best effect painted or wood finish to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic. It’s a great reading lamp or desk light that you can angle it in 4 different positions and it delivers a direct, bright light in whatever angle you have positioned it, without disturbing anyone else in the room.

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