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Its over six and a half months now since hurricane Irma.  I would definitely say that there is different energy on the island.  Insurance payouts are beginning and more and more you can see scaffolding surrounding houses and repairs taking place.  It is a good feeling.

After the boys bedrooms and finishing off the laundry area downstairs we have moved up the stairwell.  We have a very big window in this area, which unfortunately decided to blow in during the storm removing many pieces of artwork that were hanging gallery style in this area.  We are still putting together some more pieces and deciding what we can save.  One of the most important for me was an Erasure fly poster from my days in the music business, so hopefully we can repair that.  I love it.  My fab electrician, Densil hung a new pendant light last week and Ryan (great painter) painted the whole stairwell in Benjamin Moore Intense white, – that is another story.  I have purchased 13 Dash and Albert petit diamond platinum and white rugs to wrap the wooden stairs.

We have BM Chantilly Lace as the white ceiling and trim colour and it turns out intense white is too close, so that will need a rethink prior to starting the living area and kitchen on the main floor.

The bedroom now beckons.  When we built the house originally about 6 years ago, all the rooms were based around a taupe neutral colour, some rooms darker than others but in the same colour family.  Tastes and experiences have changed my mind on this and as long as continuity is kept with furnishings, flooring mood and harmony, I have decided to change it up a little.

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I LOVE sleeping and as you can see from my last post, take bedding and night time comfort seriously!  Although we were very lucky in that this room was not really harmed, the force of the wind blew water up under the eaves of the house and the ceiling and walls all got wet, not to mention the two thick rugs I had on the floor.

My first decision was to buy a proper wooden bed.  I have always used frames and made headboards previously but felt like a complete change.  The bed has finally arrived on island.  Due to the fact that I already have white bedside tables and for the moment white dressers, I opted for a white enamel bed from Bassett furniture seen below in ivory.


Thanks to our trip to Key Biscanne in October, I fell in love with a blue bedroom (think calm and cool) so the walls are now painted BM Whitestone blue.  A trip to the UK provided the perfect opportunity for the magic to happen and I am so happy with it.


I thought I would have to change the taupe curtains which are a light taupe brown colour but happily I think they work really well.  The bed and new white chair and a half plus ottoman will be unpacked this week and installed and then the decision on the rug/rugs for bedside will have to be made.

So here are renders on how the room should look, complete with current artwork in the room.  Our lamps are actually a white coral affair, and I will be procuring either a soft blue or off white linen throw or bedspread to work with the walls or curtains.


We have a signed John Clem Clarke print, and three of his Marquette’s, an Oliver Gal set of gold lips on wrapped canvas and a large Ace of clubs currently, although I may have other plans for the playing card going forward in another area.


I have omitted the dog beds, the scattered clothing and strewn discarded for aesthetic reasons……..


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