The Art of Staging a Property

The importance of staging a property is crucial and cannot be understated as it can significantly impact the selling process and the final sale price of your house or increase the rental opportunity potential. Properly considered staging involves preparing and presenting the spaces in a way that appeals to potential buyers or renters allowing viewers to envision themselves living in the space. The goal is to create a neutral inviting atmosphere which will appeal to a wide audience.
Various key points need to be considered and advised upon before putting your property on the market.  The following are some key takeaways and useful tips to remember.

Decluttering and Depersonalise
To start, decluttering and depersonalising is essential.  Clutter makes a space feel smaller and personal collections or framed photographs do not help a possible purchaser envision themselves living in the space or give the impression of room for their own items. By decluttering you can more readily showcase the best features of the space, bring in natural light and create a flow and harmony throughout the property.Re arranging of furniture and possibly removing  or paring down pieces that are not essential makes a space feel bigger. Pulling pieces away from walls, creating comfortable seating areas with room to move around and utilising flow is another important point potential buyers look for.  Fewer items make rooms appear larger and showcase the potential of a property whilst giving a greater understanding of how the space works. The more floor space that is visible, the bigger the room will feel. In addition,  when using floor coverings, you may want to hide ugly tile or a difficult colour scheme, always use larger area rugs rather than several smaller ones which again creates a feeling of more space.

The Power of Paint
Cool colours recede and therefore make spaces feel larger.  Opt for neutral beiges, soft blues or whites.Bright coloured or “feature walls” are best kept for a space that you plan on living in for a long time. See below (before with the living area painted in a statement green)Now look at the same space but painted in a neutral taupe and with lighter furniture and a more relevant (larger and lighter) area rug.After. Image The DIY Playbook

We routinely advise clients to paint rooms or pieces of furniture to update and freshen a space. The following images are a living room recently updated with paint and soft furnishings.BeforeAfter. Image: House Design

Kitchens and Bathrooms
One of the most important rooms influencing a house sale is the kitchen.  Updating a kitchen does not need to cost a fortune. See below the images of before and after a dated wood kitchen converted just with paint for white cabinetry. The kitchen surface has remained the same as has the appliances.  (Installing a new $10,000 dollar dishwasher will not necessarily translate to an additional $10,000 on the list price ) but simply painting cabinetry for much less of an investment could command a higher price on the final sale or rental fee.BeforeAfter Image: Maria Killam Colour me Beautiful

Bathrooms also need to get a light and airy makeover. Always add some greenery where possible in a bathroom and keep walls and decor light and neutral with splashes of black or stainless. Pinterest

Soft Furnishings
Upholstery and Curtain fabric should always be solid.  Patterns make a room feel smaller and although easily changable tend to turn potential interested clients away. Minimise and simplify window treatments and recover patterned chairs and sofas if not removing.  Strategically  placed mirrors also echo views and bring in light to a room.  You can visually expand a space by putting a long horizontal mirror behind and above a sofa. Sometimes downsizing a king sized bed to a queen instantly gives a bedroom better proportion and always place a bed on a wall opposite the entry door to the room.

A budget for staging does not need to be excessive.  We always try to utilise and re-purpose items already existing in the home.   Image. :Maria Killam

The process starts with subtraction of unnecessary items and little by little layers are created to generate a welcoming feel to the home. Artwork, lamps, plants and decorative accessories. We find it useful, when working with clients to start with a moodboard to show the feel we are aiming to create and make sure the client signs off on the look we are planning to achieve. The majority of staging projects involve simply moving decor and tweaking furniture with upgrades on bedding and smaller soft furnishings and floor treatments. 

The budget and outlay for this is easily offset against selling or renting your property quickly.
House works with the major realtors in the BVI. “We make our homes our own, but creating a calm and neutral space helps a buyer see how they could use it themselves.  Staging enhances what you have and we love working with House as their style and creativity make the very best of any space.  Themed colours, artwork, decluttering a house like magic, elevates a home” Lucienne Smith: Red Coral Properties.

Well staged properties move faster and at higher prices compared to unstaged homes.  They create a positive first impression, attract more interest from buyers, and ultimately lead to a smoother and more successful sale or rental opportunities. According to the American National Association of Realtors, 83% of buyers said staging helped them visualise a property or future home.

Staging is a valuable investment for homeowners looking to sell their property efficiently and lucratively. It is a strategic tool that can make a significant difference in the selling process, making the house more appealing and increasing its market value.

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