Tropical Blues and Coastal hues….. the colour story for May.

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This months colour story is about mixing tropical blues with soft coastal neutral tones. It’s about how to incorporate vibrant statement blues with the less noticeable calmer softer tones expected from a beach type palette. The images below are some examples of how so many different blues with a tropical feel can be used either as an accent or as a ”ta-dah” colour in a room.

Blue symbolises Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. It is also considered to be beneficial to mind and body. It slows the human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Is it any wonder it is so prominently used in our everyday lives.

This rich wall colour works because of the other elements in the room; the neutral flooring and furniture allow the wall colour to dominate while the patterned headboard and hanging pendant lamp pop when they stand out against the blue background.

The warmer neutrals in the above images allow the blue solids and patterns to show to their best advantage.

Here again, the blue works well because of the bright white neutral floor it is set against giving the room a fresh clean bright feel and the mixing of warmer hues with the rug and the table make the blue pop.

Mixing blues.

For an intense more vibrant use of blues for a colour scheme mix different blues together to make one monochromatic statement, whilst keeping the same colour family.

Using Blue as an accent in a neutral scheme.

If painting a space is not possible, incorporate a tropical feel with a statement item that stands out in a room. We love the way the blue and the brown and white work together in this image

We love decorating with blue- evidenced but the amount of items we have in store. All the fabrics pictured above are available at House and we can help advise with paint colour selections you may need.

Happy decorating……

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