Blue and Green – A colour story for September

“Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in-between”. This is an old fashioned saying and one with which I totally disagree. I think that these two cool colours that sit together in the colour wheel (an analogous colour scheme) work fabulously together and we frequently use these colours together in our design schemes and decorations.

My general rule of thumb for using colours together is to ask yourself if they work together in nature. This week, while thinking back so much about what it was like on our island after Hurricane Irma, I found myself looking up at the sky and appreciating the beautiful blue sky behind (the now) fresh green leaves on the trees.

This inspired me to talk about the colour story Blue and Green and I would like to show you some images I have taken, pinned and pulled from the internet to inspire you to use these colours together in your home.

Mother Nature doesn’t get more spectacular than a peacocks tail. A brilliant example of blue and green working together in natural harmony.

Crisp and deep hues with rich textures such as velvet and blue seagrass wrapped furniture are set against vividly striped rugs, rich patterns on cushions and striking simple monochromatic art on the walls.

Blue and Green Mood Board

Below are examples of heavier blue and green hues but used in totally different styles, one a period scheme with heavily accessorized furniture and blue walls and the other, sparsely decorated with a warm Mediterranean vibe but again using blue velvet upholstory and green walls.

This cozy scheme evokes the feeling of a professors study with so many interesting artifacts telling a story.

Similarly, there is an option to use these colours for a warmer Caribbean climate.

Blue and Green do not have to dominate the whole space. It is possible to employ them only on one piece of furniture as seen with the unusual statement cupboard below.

Annie Sloan chalk painted wardrobe with Ombré paint effect.

A simple vignette is a good way to introduce blue and green into your home if you are not able or do not want to use these colours throughout.

Natural green plants are one of the best ways for introducing green into a scheme.
Natural green orchids sit against blue soft furnishings. The colour green echoed in the bookcase colour which sits with more blue lidded urns.
Image from

As always, I find it hard to write a blog about colour without mentioning the options in fashion. Just one image today, though if you visit the store, you will see in our fashion offering that we are really fond of green and blue and pair it together often.

Banana leaf green sweater and rich royal blue pants. Classic and Timeless.

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