New Bedroom for a New Year

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After Irma, I am in the process of updating each room of the house.  It’s therapeutic and practical after the the damage we sustained, September 2017.  Many of you may have read the blog about Sams room which I rushed to finish prior to his return in November.

Our eldest son, Josh, who is currently at University in Rhode Island made a quick dash down for Thanksgiving and then, one expensive plane ticket later, flew back for Christmas.  I  decided, now Sams room was ostensibly finished, to tackle Josh’s for his return.  Not being keen on surprises, I talked over the scheme I had in mind with him:  A monochomatic, simple, elegant and comfortable room for a twenty year old – An urban chic space but cool, calm and classic for the caribbean.  Josh thought this would work!!!

When we moved into our newly built house just over 5 years ago, the room was decorated as per Josh’s wishes in a rich blue on the walls which contrasted nicely with the white furniture.  I punctuated this with some very intense yellow linen wrapped headboards with red and green throw pillows – da da…… extemely bright and at the time for a 15 year old about to embark on his first semester at boarding school.


Here is the room, prior to the makeover,  (after Irma) minus the curtains and a window…..

I wanted to create a light, calm, welcoming space, not bland but with a wall colour subtle enough to contrast with the white furniture and the newly epoxy painted white floor – thank you once again Irma.

The Dash and Albert Icelandia Dove grey knotted wool rug  was at hand, so I started with that as the anchor for the room.  Choosing some soft fabrics for throw pillows; the Greek key pattern for the window blinds, and some textures for throws both in a suede like finish and a soft brushed velvet crossed with the waffle weave raised fabric for the headboard, we had a harmonious monochromatic scheme but with textures that gave the story depth and mood.


We decided to  change the twin beds in the room for a king size bed and covered a spare headboard in the waffle weave grey slate.

The colours picked for the room were decided upon using the Benjamin Moore large colour samples we use at House and after lining up the different colours against each other to compare and contrast, we decided to pick Chantilly Lace in semi gloss  for the  trim and doors, Classic Grey in eggshell for the walls and a contrast of Wrought Iron for the bedside tables.


We decided to re-cycle the large dominant wardrobe from before and substituted it for a white wood dresser chest with silver hardware.  The Tradewinds Furniture Cottage Barister Desk remained but we painted the louvred shuttered bedside tables with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.  My wonderful seamstress Dorca, delivered the oversized Euro cushions and fabric blinds the day before Josh returned.  Tropical shipping together with the BVI port Authority came through at the eleventh hour the afternoon of Saturday 23rd December (nothing else going on )!!!!  And we managed to deliver the new chest.  Topping off the bedside tables we placed two oversized Kuna lamps in white which brought the whole space together and with the Christmas present of a 43” flat screen TV, the room was almost complete.


Adding to Josh’s collection of surf  movie posters and James Bond film flyers, we deciding between a vintage copy of the Phonetic Alphabet (good skill to remember the correct names) for some depth on the walls, or some wrapped art to add a bit of colour….

Let me know what you think………



Or B)




The following images are the rendered results, plans for how the room looks.

Final images of the bedroom will be posted beginning of January.


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