Sam's Bedroom Update

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After a frantic couple of weeks and pulling out the stops from both painters and the wonderful Dorca who had to pull together Roman blinds without all the necessary tools, the room was ready for Sams return!

We managed to get the blinds on the wall and am really pleased with the way the cupboards turned out in the Hale Navy.  Sam plumped for the Anji Mountain recycled rug which does bring all the colours together.  I am currently sewing navy blue gros grain ribbon onto the blinds as an accent, but owing to the weather and dim light, this has taken a back seat until the sun comes out.  We are waiting for final touches to go on the walls ( a large mirror) and Sam wants a map of the world so he can work out where his next trip will be!  However, a large vintage signal flag has been hung over the headboard and some vintage charts from our collection on one wall.

As I write,  he is hanging out in his room, with our poor dog Tessa who is terrified of thunder and has had to put up with the added embarrassment of being made to wear a Thunder Jacket, in the vague hope it will help in some way.

For those of you with an 18 year old son, you will appreciate that a picture of the room in its actual state now, is probably not a good idea, however, I have included a rendered image, which is pretty true to how the room actually looks (minus the overhead lighting) which Sam says, “would have made all the difference”!  We are still searching for the right lamps……….

I’m looking forward to this room being completed and starting on the next, hopefully before Christmas.




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