How can you NOT afford to use an Interior Decorator?

Many customers over the years have mentioned they could never afford to use an Interior Design Service.  I always find this astonishing, as it is often assumed that such services are too expensive and will result on a large unexpected budget slipping out of control.

I believe the opposite is true. Proper consultancy and advice should save you making costly, needless mistakes in a multitude of ways. House Interior Design service can be used in a many ways.  From a basic colour consult; advice on colour choices, layout of furniture, cabinetry, choosing fixtures and fittings to a full Interior Design Service.

Colour consultancy is a good place to start.  Just picking the correct paint shade to match an existing floor finish can make or break the harmony of the room.  The right advice before you start can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Your favourite bright pink colour this week may start to become a little tired in 6 months time.  House believes in classic and timeless decor.  That is, accessorize with colour trends using items than can easily and inexpensively be changed when you grow tired of them.  Rather  concentrate on neutral undertones and proven colourways for hard finishes.

Color consultancy at HOUSE BVI


Mood boards showing finishes, fabrics and colour choices are the next useful tool.  We put together and showcase samples and images to show the client how we can pull the room together with colour and scale.

When it comes to layout and flow of a space, we often see clients that have ‘over bought’ furniture pieces and decorative accessories.  They ask us to help them “fix” the space.  It’s not that they have skimped on what they have purchased but often there is too much of it or it is totally wrong for the look they are trying to achieve and it has created  a needless expenditure.  Once again, a great deal of money could have been saved if an interior design layout or render was created to show how the space would look prior to purchase decisions.

Rendering can give you an idea of how the room will look, how the colours will work together and you can even enjoy a 3D walkthrough of the space to see what is getting in the way.  Now look at the 3D option…. of some of the above floor layout.

Investing in rendering really does give you a good idea of how the room will look with the suggestions we are able to make.

Sourcing and Delivery of furniture is extremely useful.  Clients are surprised to learn that they can customise a bespoke piece of furniture; choose the fabric, pillow fill and size whilst checking out a like item from the same supplier.  This way they know exactly what it will feel like to sit on, how the fabric will fall or the colour and finish of the wood. When ordering from an internet website, you havent been able to  test the item.  All pieces can look a different colour in a photograph and there is no guarantee of the condition or finish or quality of the article.  In addition, when ordering from House, you know the landed price (cost of the piece including duty and freight).  Adding up the total cost of goods shipped in, considering the charges for freight, duty, port and accessorial costs often results in us hearing  “oh, we wish we had bought it on island”!!  In addition, if there is any problem with the shipping or the item arrives damaged, the client is not responsible and all their costs are covered.

House is happy to work with all sizes of projects, big or small.  If you would like to ask us about our Interior Design Services, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone.. or t:2844941920.


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