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Boys rooms update

It takes time, but both the boys rooms are finally finished.  The wall art arrived and we finally decided on the lamps for Sams room.  Josh is back for the summer.  His comments  were that he “likes the bed cushions and the chest of drawers” !  Sam is yet to see the finished product but…


And now for the Master Bedroom!l

Its over six and a half months now since hurricane Irma.  I would definitely say that there is different energy on the island.  Insurance payouts are beginning and more and more you can see scaffolding surrounding houses and repairs taking place.  It is a good feeling. After the boys bedrooms and finishing off the laundry…


How to hang curtains

It may seem like a simple thing, but there are a few rules for hanging curtains correctly. As new window treatments are installed and curtains re hung, we thought it would be a good time to review how to place drapes to show them and the window behind off to its best advantage. DO… :Hang…


Bedrooms: Tips for creating a harmonious space.

 We spend on average a third of our lives in bed so why not make the effort to create a welcoming comfortable space for ourselves.  There  are many new trends in decorating and layering beds, furniture and decorative accessories. Below are a couple of useful hints and tricks if you are re-decoratin. g or moving to…


Kitchen Trends: Black is this years grey.

How to incorporate the black kitchen trend and make it work with a classic white scheme.


New Bedroom for a New Year

After Irma, I am in the process of updating each room of the house. It’s therapeutic and practical after the damage sustained, Septe


Sam's Bedroom Update

After a frantic couple of weeks and pulling out the stops from both painters and the wonderful Dorca who had to pull together Roman blinds without all the necessary tools, the room was ready for Sams return! We managed to get the blinds on the wall and am really pleased with the way the cupboards…


Renovation post Irma – Sams Bedroom

Post Hurricane renovation at our house is starting with a downstairs bedroom for Sam who is returning home for a couple of months before starting Boston University in January. We moved into the new house over 5 years ago and the room was painted in a soft turquoise blue with matching blue curtains over the…


Elegant Island Design

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